Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Chikankari Motifs

I was wondering when I saw some of the chikan embroidered materials having a small bead like stitch.  That was more attractive in any chikan embroidered piece.  But don't know how to do that stitch. 
 After googling for days I have found a post in this and that my random thoughts.  I have stunned to see a saree with this phanda stitch.  Through her I have got the link to learn the phanda stitch and it is here.  Thanks to Deepa for giving the information regarding the phanda stitch.
 After learning that stitch I have tried some chikan embroidery motifs using the phanda stitch.  The result was beautiful.  I am planning to do a chikan kurti so that I can apply these stitch that and decided to use the third motif all over the kurti.

This is a small motif which can be used all over the body in a saree.
In the following motif I have used Bhakya stitch(Double back stitch) and phanda stitch.
Regarding the colours which color is apt for pink color fabric? Pink or blue.  Waiting for your suggestions.


  1. Absolutely beautiful effort,Shami. Keep going.

  2. I've never seen this stitch before. It looks very rich and textured, and I will give it a try.
    As for the colour, I like the blue thread on the pink fabric.

  3. Wonderful everything vorrei vedere in pinterest


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