Saturday, 9 May 2015

Embroidered Panel

One of my resolution this year  is to learn stitching a kurti.  I was not satisfied with my tailor and since I know the basics of sewing and cutting I have decided to learn myself.  To my surprise I have found a youtube video tute on cutting and sewing a kurti from a to z.  I have bought a black color cotton fabric to stitch.  To add some personal touch to the kurti I thought of adding a embroidered panel in front and to my luck I have found another tute for adding a panel also.  So with all these videos downloaded and fabric ready I have started to embroider the panel and it is ready to be attached to the fabric..  

Here is the embroidered piece.  I have embroidered it in a black color silk cotton which I have some leftover fabric in my stash.  Used basic stitches like satin stitch for flower, herringbone stitch which is in yellow color, fishbone stitch for the leaves in the stem, herringbone stitch for the leaves around the flower, and backstitch for the stem.

The same design is repeated three times to get the necessary length for the panel.  If any of you interested to try this design do drop in a comment. I will post it on my blog.

I should add some sequins or beads or stones to the center of the flower.  Doing satin stitch takes time but the result is worth doing it.  I like the smoothy finish of the satin stitch.  It is done with 1 strand of thread , other stitches are done with 2 strands of threads.  

I am linking this post  to Let's have a stitchery party hosted by  supermomnocape.  Click here to see the party.

Hope all of u like it.  Do drop in your comments and feedback as it boosts me a lot and encourages me to do more.  Bye. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Oh, Shami, this is such a beautiful panel. Now that you have the tutorials for making the kurti, this will become a most beautiful garment with lots of memories and 'good feeling'. Keep up the good work!

  2. It's looking colorful and pretty!! I have tried fishbone and herringbone stitches. I did not know that satin is done by 1 strand. I have done that too with 2 strands.

  3. Looks so pretty Shami.. Wish I could sew Kurti on my own.. Good luck with that :)

  4. Very beautiful! I love the colors.

  5. Your stitching is stunning and I'm sure that the kurti is going to be very beautiful when it's finished. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I had to look up what a kurti was and now I know... so I am also learning.

    And thank you for linking up to Monday's Stitchery Link Party again this week. I am really enjoying seeing your incredible stitching.

  6. This is absolutely stunning. Well done.

  7. What beautiful stitching and the colours are so pretty.

  8. Wow! Absolutely beautiful work.


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