Friday, May 15, 2015

Doodles and Bracelets

After getting involved in drawing zentangle patterns I have seen some videos on youtube and those videos inspired me to do draw the same and these are results of those videos.  Drawing those patterns were fun and to be special added colors to it using color pencils - a nice way to enjoy what we have done with in our childhood days.  Very enjoyable one and I have learned to draw mandalas also.  Since kids are at home not able to do much embroidery but doing some doodling and coloring in my free time. 

The first picture is a combination of different zentangle patterns and colored after it.  The second one is a mandala drawn with a black gel pen.  

Doodling with sketch and color pencil.  Inspiration for this comes from here.

Some time back I have bought a rubberband kit and with the help of the videos from youtube I have made some bracelets for my niece.  It is like knitting and easy to do.  Can whip up a bracelet within 5 minutes.  

Next I should get some beads and make bracelets with beads.  So this weekend I should hunt for some beads in the craft shop.  Will come back with another project.  Till then happy doodling.  Have a happy weekend.


  1. Wow Shammi ,You are learning more crafty skills everyday. Very nice doodles and bracelets. By the way,did you get my email?

  2. You are certainly enjoying doodling, and the result is very impressive. I was given such a bracelet made by a small boy, so you see it is popular in Japan, too!

  3. Beautiful doodles!I love the doodles. My younger son is very interested in doodling too . pls share links to the videos if you can :)

  4. Your doodles are lovely!! I got myself large sketch books for drawing twice but they all went into making charts for school. I got one again few days back.
    Nice bracelets!! My daughter likes making them and we got lots of rainbow loom bands last month. She also learned how to make objects like icecream etc. Now I don't know what to do with so many bracelets, she said she will give them as friendship bands.

  5. Wow, I love that mandala doodle, although I wouldn't call it a doodle. I would call it art! Beautiful! Great bracelets too.

  6. I don't know how i missed this post. The colored zentangle patterns looks really beautiful and professional ! you are so good at it.. love the mandala too. So happy to know the last doodle was inspired by me.. Thank you so much :) Finally, the bracelets.. Gosh they are so colorful and can't believe they are made from rubberbands. Have a fantastic day! hugs :)


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