Thursday, 30 March 2017

Granny stripe Blanket - Ta ta da........

Today I am happy to share with you all my granny stripe blanket.  I have completed it in February.  I have started this blanket to use my local yarn from my stash.  Out of curiosity one afternoon in september 2016 I have started to do it.  It started to grow nicely row by row.  I have decided to do one row a day.  But that limit goes than 5 rows a day.  When I used all colors in my stash the first set contains 33 stripes (a stripe contains 2 rows).  I have done 93 stripes repeating the first 33 stripes again in the same order.  Now the blanket in all its glory.

I have used local brand acrylic yarn with 4 mm hook.  It took 15 mins to crochet 1 row.  The blanket fits a double bed.  This is the second blanket I have crocheted.  I am happy with the final outcome of the blanket. Also, I have added a a simple dc edging around the blanket.  It is simple and neat.  I am writing this post in a hurry.  So that's all for now.  I have joined the crochet quilt blocks.  Now I have to add some edging to it.  After that I will come up with that.

Now on my embroidery hoop is the smalls SAL for March.  Some backstitches have to be done.  Will be finishing it this weekend. I will come up with the march fairy and the epp pincushion in my next post.  Till then happy crocheting.


  1. What an achievement! You have got a really nice blanket there! Enjoy using it!

  2. Wow...colorful!
    From many months I'm planning for such blanket. Hope to make it soon.

  3. Lovely and colorful blanket !! I am yet to make a debut in blanket making.

  4. That's a very pretty blanket Shami. congrats on finishing.

  5. Wow.. looks pretty. You have lot of patience.

  6. Omg... that's a whole lot of work... loved the candy colours


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