Monday, 13 March 2017

Kasuti Embroidered yoke, EPP

Hi all 
Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my kutch work bag.  I have some completed projects to blog about.  But feeling lazy to edit the photos and write a post.  But today I have decided not to be lazy that too at the beginning of the week and determined to write this post.  

I have completed this kasuti embroidered yoke for my co sisters colleagues mother.  Already I have done a kurti with this yoke.  Seeing that she wanted another one with the same design in peacock blue background.  I am able to get only this blue and have done it.  It has been sent to her. I am glad that she likes it.

I have used three strands of anchor embroidery thread no. 63 throughout.  Now I am embroidering one more kurti for me and it is in progress.  Hoping to finish before Easter.

This year I have tried my hands on EPP - English Paper Piecing.  Inspiration came from here.  Pamela used to come up hexagons on every Monday.   Also the tutorials from youtube urged me to start trying and see this is what I came up with.

I am going to finish this into a pincushion. After trying these hexagons I wanted to do more.  so now and then I am making hexagons.  Will go for a cushion project when I have enough hexagons in my basket.  I am trying to make a table cover from my computer table using HST(Half square triangle), to make us of my fabric stash.  It is also coming up nicely.  I am enjoying doing it.  Have to find the backing cloth with a thin batting between.  

So Whats up in your side.  My works baskets are full with crochet, cross stitch, sewing quilt blocks, etc.  Are u a person having so many projects in your basket.  How will work on it? Do let me know.


  1. What a delightful yoke! Your stitches are so neat and tidy, this work will be greatly appreciated.
    Who could not but be inspired by Pamela and her hexagons!? I am sure you are hooked on making a lot more than a pincushion!
    I used to have a lot of unfinished projects, shelved for long periods, but with age I have become more disciplined and now finish any work in progress before I start new big projects. I like to have only two or three WIPs at the same time to change between (I get bored easily) but might have to add a small item such a gift or greeting card.

  2. Beautiful embroidery, Shami! Your paper piecing hexies are pretty! Good way to use up fabric stash.
    My needlework came to a stand still last week when I got a big cut on my right thumb:( My hubby ended up loading dishwasher and doing few more tasks and coincidently the day was Women's day so I got a day off from household chores due to the injury :)

  3. beautiful...kasuti embroidery...

  4. Your embroidery is beautiful. I am sure your patchwork will be a neat as the embroidery is.
    I have a structured rotation for my cross stitch projects to make sure I can stitch as much as possible and see progress on as many pieces as possible!

  5. What a cute hexagon flower! Thank you for the link to my blog!

    I have many projects in the works and I am always starting new ones.


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