Monday, April 22, 2013

Kamal Kadai work saree

Hello, my lovely readers.  Hope all of you might have a great week end.  In this post I am showing you a saree project which I have started a week back.
After learning Kamal Kadai work I have done a project on cotton kurti and it came up well.  From then I was wishing to do a kamal kadai project on a saree and the day came.  I have bought a plain chiffon saree and selected a portion of the design from the book Kamal work flower design(book No 19) of Mahila art centre.  I will give a review of the book some time later. 
Then the process of selecting the colors.  Uff........  with great difficulty I decided on doing the kamal kadai flowers with pearl cotton thread(Those threads were lying in my thread box idle for more than 6 months after purchasing) and it is easy to do that with pearl cotton thread.  Then for the stems and leaves part I have selected a variegated anchor cotton thread (no: 1335)  and I hope it looks good.  Waiting for your feedbacks.  Center of the flowers has to be embellished with some stones or sequins. 
 Now the close up of the flowers.  I have managed to do cretan stitch for leaves and for the stem I have done whipped running stitch because I have bored on doing stem stitch and chain stitch.  I like the wavy pattern of the stem.  What about u?

I have completed the border in the pallu.  In order to complete the saree without getting bored I have decided to do each day one pink and blue flowers and the stem and the leaves associated to it .  Hope I will be finishing this project within a month.  Let me see .  Till then, Happy Embroidering.


  1. Wow Really superb..look so good. All the best for your future project.

  2. Oj, I like everything about this embroidery. The curvy stems, the lacy leaves and the heavy, elegantly woven flowers. Happy stitching to you, too.

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous! I like your choice of stitches.

  4. This is so lovely! You did a wonderful job!

  5. What a wonderful stitch for your flowers and very nicely done too!

  6. You are actually doing embroidery on a SAREE!! WOW!
    Very inspiring.
    Way to go girl.. have fun.

  7. Very beautiful. Embroidery on a saree. I'm you're going to make many heads turn when you drape it :-)


  8. A job of embroidering on saree is a great.Beacause i also did it.Kamal kadai is a best work.


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