Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cross Stitch swans

Doing cross stitch with various shades of thread is time consuming and it requires patience.  I have done some small projects which can be completed in two to three days working an hour a day in both cross stitch and crochet.  I have some projects completed and not able to post because of the problem in the internet connection. 
Today I have come up with two swans which has been worked using the chart which has been given for filet crochet.  The stitched areas in the first one are left blank in the second.  Done the same design in two ways. The first design can also be counted in void embroidery (leaving the design unstitched).   The pattern can be found here.  Lots of tutorials and patterns can be found in that site.  Great for beginners.  Also doing it in a single color is easy. 
Thought of framing it using crochet.  Let me see how it works out. 
Now Showing you one of my WIP in chikan embroidery swan. 
Have to finish some more stitches and I will come up with the completed chikan swan.  Till then, Happy cross stitching and embroidering.


  1. Very pretty cross stitch!!:) thanks for sharing the link!! I have used a similar technique in one of my projects but with just an outline.

  2. The two swan cross stitch pieces are great, especially when you compare them, they look so different. A wonderful illusion.
    Your WIP is charming, how large is the piece?

  3. Your swan's are very pretty, so different and still the same! I'm looking forward to see what you are going to do with it.

  4. Impressive Shami and reminds me of white point embroidery. It looks quite intricate and difficult to do.
    I certainly think framind it would be quite effective.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Shammi its beautiful especially the cross stitch swans


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