Tuesday, January 21, 2014

kutch work saree completed

I have completed the kutch embroidery in the saree. i have done only in the pallu part.  Let's have a look at it.

This is  border. Other two sides are having zari border, so I have worked on a single side. Four paisely motifs are also there.

This is the close up of the pallu.

Single motif which i have blogged about it earlier.

The completed pallu.

stitches used are Herringbone stitch and chain stitch.


  1. Very neat and beautiful work, Shammi

  2. You are so FAST! Beautiful work, it really looks like lace.

  3. That looks very beautiful, Shami!! What are you planning to do on the remaining sari? I have one which I bought to embroider for my mother but I haven't done anything so far.

  4. Hiiiii ur work is awsome can u do this for me if u can pls rply to my id


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