Friday, January 31, 2014

Satin stitch design

Last year when I subscribed for the Anchor Needle n thread magazine i got a small kit with the first issue.  It contains a small design to be embroidered in a hankie with the fabric, thread and needle.  I have decided to do a simple project in between my new chikan kurti project.  so I have taken the kit and embroidered this design.  

The embroidery is done using Satin stitch.  The edges of the hankie has to be completed.  I thought of doing a simple crocheted border.  Now, have a look at the design.

I didn't get the direction of the stitches right.  Should try more in satin stitch.  Currently, I am doing a project on chikan embroidery kurti and a cross stitch puppy.  In between some crochet works are also going on.  I will meet u with a crocheted doily in next post. Till then, Happy embroidering.


  1. That's a nice design. The Satin stitches are plump, did you base them with some straight stitches?
    You do have a lot of project on the go at one time! Have fun!

  2. I guess I too have that kit. They sometimes send the same kit twice.
    Other than the outer part of petals which have a bit less smooth finish, I don't see anything wrong with direction.


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