Monday, February 17, 2014

Chikankari project - A new start

I have started another chikankari project for a kurti.  I am doing it with a simple design with the basic stitches in chikankari(Bhakya stitch, Phanda stitch, Banarsi stitch).  I have done the border part and some motifs for the body part.  Have a look.

The first  picture is the border part and the second one body part. I have to completed the whole body with these motifs repeated.  click on the image to getter a clearer image.

waiting for your suggestions and feedbacks.


  1. hello mam....i like your blog very much. your latest chickankari embroidery work is so beauitiful and i want to do on my kurti also but i don't know the phanda stitch and banarsi stitch .plz upload the tutorial of this both stitches.

  2. This is going to be so pretty. I really like the pinks.

  3. So pretty, it makes me think of Shadow work or lace.

  4. beautiful! I love the pink and white combo. I had a Salwar kameez in Chikankari.

  5. Beautiful!! You have done such a fine work!! I would like to know about banarasi stitch....

  6. Beautiful!!! You have done such a fine work!! I would like to know about the banarasi stitch though....


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