Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kasuti Motif and a new start

Recently I have embroidered a kasuti motif.  I have done it on black color 10ct aida cloth.  Used three strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread.  I thought of completing it into a coaster.  Have a look at the motif.

I have started a new project in kutch work.  A look into it.

I have decided not to pick any new project before completing it.  I  should work on my incomplete projects.  Wish me good luck.


  1. Good thinking! I, too, have UFOs I need to finish before I start new projects. Good luck!
    The Kasuti is so elegant worked on black Aida, but wasn't it hard to see?
    The new Kutch work is also stunning. Actually yellow thread on both black and purple background really shines.

  2. I love the kasuti work. Long ago I had wanted to learn kasuti embroidery and had collected a lot of materials, I think I still have them somewhere.

  3. You are so good at it! Flawless work!!

  4. Great new starts!! Kasuti motif looks very pretty!!

  5. the Kasuti piece is gorgeous - so it's just worked on Aida with normal embroidery threads?

  6. Love your work , it's beautiful

  7. Your kutch work is always so beautifully done.


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