Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kutch embroidery blouse

Today i am here to show you the saree blouse which i have embroidered using Kutch work.  Simple design has been done for the neck and sleeves.  Have a look and type in your comments.

Now the sleeves.

And now the saddest part,  When I gave the blouse for stitching, She stitches the blouse perfectly, but the embroidered part of the neck is 1" below the neckline. I don't know why she made a blunter mistake. So I removed the neckline embroider part and to my luck when I washed the tracing lines have all gone.  Thank God.  
The embroidery in the saree is almost over.  some more small motifs has to be done in the body part.  So, do watch my space. Till then, Happy Embroidering.


  1. Looks wonderful....so neat ! Sad that u had to remove it after stitching it :(

  2. What a lot of extra work! However it is a simple yet striking design. I like the colour combination, too.

  3. Simply super design. Colours are too good.

  4. It's beautiful! Sorry to hear about the mistake.

  5. Lovely embroidery work. It's a pity you had to remove it. Thanks for your encouraging words in my blog.

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