Monday, December 8, 2014

Quilling - My first creations

Today I am here to show you some of my quilling creations.  Have a look and give your feedbacks.

A simple card


Quilled star

I have learned to make this star through youtube video.  You can learn it from here.

I have completed some more snowflakes.Will come up that in my next post.


  1. very nice! The snow flake is lovely

  2. Lovely earrings!! Quilling is really interesting and beautiful. :-)

  3. Very nice!! My first quilled project was very similar to the card you made. Here's the link for you-

    I think you are really good at it. Your work is very neat. Continue to enjoy quilling.


  4. Beautiful creations Shami. Love all the earrings and the star looks gorgeous..

  5. This is a craft that I have often seen in the UK but never here in Japan. Your creations are all beautiful. The star will look wonderful in the window.


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