Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two old boxes

Earlier when I started doing embroidery, I have no idea how to arrange the thread, keep the scraps etc.  I used to keep everything in these two sweet boxes.  After that when I started keeping my embroidery threads according to colors I forgot about these boxes. Last month when I was arranging the shelf I saw these old boxes and saw what's there inside.  I got my misplaced needle threader and some beads which I was searching for months.  Then I arranged all my scrap threads and finally see how boxes are looking now.  There is always a joy seeing something neatly arranged.  I had that joy yesterday moreover I got a set of needles from that box.  Now over to my boxes old and new.

After arranging them  everything fits in one box.

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  1. That's so neat, Shami!! I know we are so busy to tidy up things often but I guess if we arrange atleast once a month, not only do we find usable stash but it also declutters our mind and space. Sometimes, I really keep on searching things and end up buying which are already stashed at home somewhere.
    Thank you for linking to my party:)
    Actually, I will be writing a post in the last week of each month wherein I will open another link. Please add this post(link) there too next week. On the sign up page, you can just enter your home page URL.


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