Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zentangle - A new find

Whenever I have a paper and pen in my hand I had the habit of doodling things in paper.  The corner of the newspapers, magazines, will have some signatures of mine and some line drawings.  Though I am not interested in freehand drawing, I like to draw patterns using lines on waste papers. 

One fine day I have come across the blog posts of Annet here.  It inspired me to learn more about that and I googled about it.  I learned that it is zentangle.  It is like a fun drawing which makes us to relax and creates beautiful patterns when drawn repetitively.  After that I searched for some patterns and started drawing on a diary.  Black color pen is used to draw zentangle patterns,  I have drawn some pages and this year I thought why not we transfer those patterns to fabric.  So I have decided to embroider one pattern per week on a white cotton fabric so that the fabric becomes a patterned one.  

Last week I have started my first pattern and here it is.  The first one is the pattern I have drawn on the diary. Second picture is the one I have drawn in a big square to trace on to the fabric.  Third one is the embroidered zentangle.

For the embroidery part I have used back stitch for lines and satin stitch for the filling.

I will come up with next pattern in zentangle in the next week.  Till then, Happy doodling.


  1. Nice embroidered pattern!! I have seen quilters making zentangle patches.

  2. I, too, have been following Annet's zentangle adventure, and been amazed by the fantastic patterns that can be created. I have never seen anyone turn these drawings into embroidered work. What you are doing is fantastic!

  3. This is great! I've done some tangled embroidery too, you can see it here:
    Thanks for linking to my blog.


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