Monday, April 13, 2015

A cross stitch finish - Jonquil

Today I am here to show you one of my cross stitch finish.  Whenever I come across cross stitch designs I used to same the flower patterns.  And when I came across EMS cross stitch design I am excited to see 12 flowers for 12 months and I have downloaded all the 12 files.  Planning to do one by one and here I am with my first flower.  The name of this flower is Jonquil.  The wordings are from another blackwork project.  

Stitched on 14ct aida cloth.  Backstitches are there but it was not seen properly because of the thread colors.  

some closeups.

The crease mark in the fabric is not going even after ironing it.  Should I wash the fabric to get rid of it.  Any ideas?  I thought of framing it .  It will look good only if the crease mark is not there.  Please help.

Completed an embroidery for a kurti for its yoke part and some crochet projects are also completed.  Will see which one get its turn to be displayed here.  

Hope all of you like the  cross stitch.  Waiting for your comments.  Do watch my space.  

Updated on 19/05/2015
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  1. We call this flower "daffodil". It's really pretty. I'm not sure how to get the crease out, did you iron it with steam? I think it's pretty safe to wash a cross stitch, by hand of course!

  2. Beautiful flower, Shami!! :)
    I usually soak and rinse aida fabric as it has lot of starch. And then I wash only if the piece has become a little dirty by stitching. Otherwise, I just steam iron it. I don't use steam iron .... I just sprinkle water. I use two clean white soft towels. And I keep the cross stitched fabric in between these towels with embroidered part face down. Then I iron on the top towel. If this doesn't work then you can remove the top towel and directly iron the fabric portion only, not the embroidered part. Hope this helps.

  3. Love the quote and your Narcis, as it's called in Dutch. Just damp stretch your embroidery to remiove the crease. You can find info about it at Karen Ruane's blog.

  4. Lovely finish. I was in London last week and saw the daffodils in full bloom there. They look beautiful as is your piece.

  5. What a lovely cross-stitch! It is so cheerful.

  6. What a pretty cross stitch.... I love daffodils, they are so cheerful! :) x

  7. It's beautiful! I love daffodils and it's a perfect for spring.

    For the crease... I wonder if you sprayed it will a bit of water and then rolled it in reverse (against the crease) in a towel and left if for a day and then tried pressing it again if that might work.

    Thanks so much for linking up again to the Stitchery Link Party and for linking back! Aloha hugs!

  8. Beautiful shami. Could you please tell me from where you downloaded the pattern?

  9. Beautiful shami. Could you please tell me from where you downloaded the pattern?


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