Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crocheted bags

Last year I had plans to work crocodile stitch in crochet.  But not able to achieve it.  And this year I succeeded in learning crocodile st and able to complete a small project out of it.  I started  and tried to make swatch but after seeing the amount of yarn the crocodile stitch was eating I decided to turn that swatch into a mini purse and that purse is here today for you to see.  Have a look at it and pass on your comments.

Made with local woollen yarn with 3mm hook. Got the pattern from here.

One more crochet sling bag made an year ago. My kids take this bag to sunday school.  Till now they are in same class in sunday school.  From June they will be in different classes.  So have to make one more bag.  Pattern is from here

I have crocheted one more bag.  Have to give some finishing touches.  Will show once it is over.  Till then, Happy crocheting.


  1. I have never seen the Crocodile stitch before. I think it is very attractive, but understand how much yarn it requires. Your kids have a lovely bag for Sunday school.

  2. Beautiful purse and bag!! I had made crocodile stitch purse for my daughter last year.

  3. lovely bags! I love the crocodile stitch, it looks great on this bag.

  4. The bags looks Gorgeous Shami :)


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