Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pleated crochet skirt and squares

Last year I have crocheted a skirt for my niece and I have used the same pattern again to crochet one for my friends daughter who is two years old..  It is pleated crocheted skirt and the pattern is from here.  The skirt measures 18" around waist and 9" length.  I have used 4 ply yarn for this project.  Have a look at the skirt.  

Two crocheted squares

Odyssey 12 inch square
The link is here.

Popcorn parade square
The link is here.

My shadow work saree is over and I have kept it for a sale in my church and the money is going for missionaries.  I made a stall in the sale with my hand made items and happy that all the items have been sold.  I am happy that thru this I have contributed some amount for a good cause and the time spend during my free time is useful.  

Have some crochet finishes and will show one by one in my coming posts.  Till then, do watch my space and happy crocheting.


  1. The crochet skirt and squares are cute Shammi. Oh wow , a stall...I love stalls of handmade stuff and so want to put one of mine. Its great that everything you made got sold, shows how beautiful your work is .Would love to see a picture of the stall.

  2. The skirt is lovely and the squares are beautiful too. How nice to have a stall and sell your items!

  3. Your skirt is so lovely !!:) beautiful squares too.
    It's nice that you could create items for stall and sell for some kind work.

  4. Skirt is wonderful.... Wow.. happy to know all your hand made items got sold. If you have photos of your stall pls share.

  5. wow..this skirt...looks lovely


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