Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kasuti tops and a WIP update

This is my second finish for this year.  I have embroidered his kasuti tops. Embroidery is done only for the yoke, border and the border for sleeves.  I have done this upon a request from my co-sis for her colleagues.  I don't know whether they will like it or not.  

I have done this in black color silk cotton material with two strands of anchor embroidery thread.  
Thread no's: Anchor 167 & 306
No of hrs: 19 hrs 

It took more than 1 hr to fix the net and 1 1/2 hrs to remove it after completing the embroidery.

This is the yoke part

This is the border both for the body part and sleeves.

Both yoke and border

I have some more projects to do.  Initially I have got the kasuti net along with the embroidery which I have taken from mridulas school.  Now it's over and I am in need of kasuti net or calico net.  But I don't have any idea from where to get it.  Anyone have any idea?  Do we get the kasuti net around chennai? or anywhere online.  Please do let me know.  Till I get that net I will continue the projects with kutch designs.

You can view my other kasuti projects here.

Now for the update in my mega cross stitch project.  I have completed the page 4 of the harmony cross stitch project.  It took nearly 20hrs to complete this.

Page 4 completed 

Page 1 to page 4

Hope all of you have like my projects.  Do take time to comment on it as it gives me encouragement to do more.  Will come up with some more projects.  So do watch my space.

                                       Smalls SAL - January checkin


  1. The Kasuti embroidery is lovely. Whoever you are giving it to will love it. Also, your cross stitch looks wonderful.

  2. Beautiful Kasuti work, Shami!! I have no idea about the net. You can write to Mridula's and ask for info or else check with them if they can supply to you.
    You have made a beautiful progress on your cross stitch. I know, cross stitch is a time sucker activity. You put in hours and all you get is just a patch. But still it is enjoyable right? I don't stitch page wise, I stitch item wise and start in the middle of the fabric.

  3. Beautiful projects! Your stitching is so neat and delicate! Christine x

  4. Lovely stitching Shami! Great to see your beautiful cross stitch progressing too!
    Barbara xx

  5. I'm sure they will love it - I think it's so beautiful.

  6. Lovely work, your cross stitch is awesome. Guida

  7. Hi Shami, It's so gorgeous! Happy stitching!

  8. Wow! Your embroidery is beautiful! I'm sure they will love it.

    Thank you for joining the Smalls SAL!

  9. beautiful embroidery work and the cross stitch is coming along so well :)


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