Saturday, August 6, 2016

Published in Needle n thread and a kasuti Finish


Hope all of u r enjoying u'r weekend. And I am also enjoying it.  The best part today is I baked a chocolate mug cake with my 7 year old son.  He was with me from the beginning till end.  And the cake turned out well and yummy.  

Thank you all for your concern towards my mother and the lovely comments on my crochet bag.  

From July beginning onwards I wanted to share my happy  moment with you all.  But got postponed coz of the family situations.  My Kasuti design got published in Anchor Needle n Thread magazine.  It is a quarterly design magazine from the makers of the wold's finest embroidery threads.  I think this is the only needlework magazine in India.  Is there any other magazine in India related to needlework?  If it is there do let me know.  I am happy that I have taken my first step in designing necklines.  

At this happy moment I am also happy to showcase the kasuti kurti.  Already I have done the same design in black silk cotton fabric.  This time I have choosen blue silk cotton as the base fabric.  Three strands of light pink anchor embroidery threads have been used.  As it looks plain I have embellished it with the pink sequins. 

Neck Part

Front body of the kurti

Front border

Buttas all over the body

Sleeve border

This kurti measures 2 and 1/2 metres.  So if any one is interested in buying this piece do leave a comment with your mail id.  I will contact you.

There are so may WIP's in my work basket.  A bad habit of mine is ,  I will do so many things at a time and at the end of the day if i turn back and see I can say that day was not productive.  It leads to some dissatisfaction of not doing any thing.  So I have decided to concentrate on only one project at a time and if I get bored I should do the Mega cross stitch project which I have left unattended.  So in the last two weeks I have completed the needlepoint purse and completed the embellishment in this kurti as well.  Now time to concentrate on three more kurti's I am making on custom order. 

I will be back with my needlepoint purse and the stash I purchased over the last few months.  Till then, Have a happy and creative time with your needle and thread.


  1. Congrats on your published design in needle and thread magazine. Wishing you more such opportunities:)

  2. Congrats on being published. Nice to see the face behind all this beautiful work.
    I love the blue kurti.
    Do you only use silk for kasuti work?

  3. What joy! You must be so proud and I hope your beautiful designs will be features in future publications, too.
    The work on the kuti is impressive!
    I hope you mother's health is improving steadily.

  4. Congrats, Shami!! Your kasuti work is very beautiful:)

  5. congrats for your happy will continue for u...

    waiting to see your new works...

  6. wow..congrats Shami...your Kasuti work is beautiful

  7. Congratulations on your achievment !!! Your Kasuti kurti looks amazing ...

  8. Congratulations on being published in the magazine. Your embroidery is beautiful.

  9. Congratulations! You Kasuti work is beautiful!

  10. Congratulations.........your work is beautiful!

  11. Congratulations.........your work is beautiful!


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