Saturday, 27 August 2016

Needlepoint purse and some kits I own

Hello all,

Hope all r doing good.  Everything is going on fine from my side and I am busy with embroidering kurtis.  In between that I have done a needlepoint piece and I have turned that into a purse.  The piece of canvas which I have done the needlepoint embroidery is this.

I have done blanket stitch all around.  Then folded the piece into half and sewed along both the sides with hand.  Then added zipper and lined the purse.   It's all done.

Stitch used: Double brick stitch
Done on single taar canvas with 6 strands of threads.
Used three shades of green and yellow color of rangoli thread.

Since the canvas has evenly spaced holes I used back stitch to attach the zip and I find it very easy.  planning to do more on needlepoint cushions.

When my DH went to Thailand for a business conference he got me some cross stitch kits and some stitching accessories.  All these items are from Pinn and B2S shop in the central world plaza, Thailand.  He just picked up randomly and got all these except the dmc threads. 

Below one is a bag making kit.  The instructions are written in  chinese language and should try it with the pictures in the instructions.  It will take ages for me.  

some stitching and sewing accessories. A yo yo maker, quilting thimble, bias tape maker and two needles.

Also some DMC threads for a cross stitch project.

And this kit is in my stash for so many years and this is from pony craft store.

Hope I have not bored you with so many images.  In my next post I will come up with my crochet doily which I have completed months back.  Till then, have a happy time with needle and thread.  Happy weekend.


  1. Your needlepoint purse is very beautiful, Shami!!
    It's great that your husband got you so many kits. Enjoy!! If he is a frequent visitor to this place and if the store has a website, then you can ask them to keep an order ready, so that it will be easier for your husband to get exactly what you want. I do that whenever my husband goes to the US.

  2. Your purse looks very nice. Can you post a picture of the canvas please. I would like to do one.

  3. The purse is beautiful. The stitch is lovely and the colours are wonderful. Wow, plenty of goodies for you!

  4. The needlepoint purse turned out fabulous.
    Your husband got you a lot of new goodies. The bias tape maker is a great tool - you can easily make bias tape of your favourite fabric.
    I hope the pictures are clear enough for you to make that bag.

  5. The needlepoint purse is beautiful.Nice finish.
    Don't you love when family brings us stuff from trips.
    All the kits are lovely...Enjoy your new stash.

  6. Your needlepoint purse is very beautifully made. Lovely goodies from your hubby. I have an award for you on my blog.

  7. Lovely purse. Lucky you, your husband got you so many crafty items. You are a rich girl now :))


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