Friday, November 25, 2016

Two finishes for christmas

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my previous post.  I am here today with two of my finishes for christmas.  First one is a small cross stitch wreath.  It is a free pattern from here.  It is a simple pattern with only 5 colors. you can finish it within a day or two.  

I will be finishing off into a small pillow or I will mount it in a cardboard.  I trying to make a twisted cord. If I succeed I will be mounting it in the cardboard otherwise a mini pillow.  One more idea came into my mind when I was photographing it.  I kept the cross stitched piece on a red cushion and was taking photo.  The red color border also add beauty to the piece. 

 So an idea of making borders in red color and then quilting it also there.  What's your idea? Mini pillow, mounting on cardboard or quilted square?  Suggestions are welcome.

I have crocheted a small mandala or coaster in christmas colors.  It is a free pattern from here.  I have completed this within half an hour.  It is hanging in my wall near my craft table.

So, how is your christmas craft making going on.  I have completed one more doily.  I am determined to show it only after the finishing touch is over.  Otherwise it will be in the WIP list only.  I have completed all the squares for sofa seat cover.  Will come up with the second set of squares in my next post.  Now joining part is going on.  I am also working on some embroidery bands on kasuti and needlepoint.  Will show u one by one.  

I have almost forgot pinterest this year. This week when I was going thru the blog posts one of the post took me to a pinterest board.  From that time I was addictive to it. Lots and lots of patterns. saving it.  Everytime when I shut down my laptop I will say I will not visit pinterest again.  But again when I open the laptop I will be again opening it and browsing thru the patterns and time flies only browsing thru the pinterest boards.  So I was not that much productive for the past two days.  How about you? Are you get addicted to something without knowing that time is running?    Do share it.


  1. That's a very cute wreath and it will look lovely with the red border.
    I loathe Pinterest because of the copyright thieves! But I do spend too much time on Facebook. Every Lent I have a FB diet and only go on once a day to check messages but then it creeps up again!

  2. Your mini mandala and cross stitch finish are cute. I guess all the options you mentioned sound nice to finish the cross stitch.
    I am into Pinterest but not addicted any more. I do it on my iPad when I am taking rest and not willing to read a book. Sometimes I don't open Pinterest for many days and I don't even miss it, but it has been my source of inspiration. I rarely use Facebook.

  3. The cross stitch wreath is very cute! I think you should mount it with the red border. I used to be addicted to Pinterest but for the past couple of months I haven't been able to access it. I could only open it through my mobile app and I don't like it. So I am forced to abandon it for now.

  4. Lovely creations Shami. I think ur cross stitch wreath wud look good with quilted red border. Mini pillow is also a good option.:)

  5. Lovely xmas finishes Shami. Thank God, I'm not addicted to Pinterest. I'm already ashamed of the time I spend on Instagram and facebook.
    Could you please send me a email on I can't find your email address in my records.

  6. A red border would make the card/cushion even more attractive. It is interesting to see the black outlines made with Cross Stitch and not Back Stitch.

  7. wow..thats a lovely wreath...and the coaster looks too cute


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