Thursday, November 3, 2016

Needlepoint block inspired by a quilt block

Hello readers

Thanks for your lovely comments on my previous blog post.  I always envy the quilt patterns.  I always wanted to make a quilt.  But in my place we don't need a quilt as we have mild winter here.  A cotton bed spread is enough to wrap us during that season that too only in the night.  But I was always attracted towards the half square triangle quilt block.  I was searching for a star pattern with half square blocks(for another project in crochet) I came across a block with so many quilt blocks with just half square triangles, that too in black and white.  I always go for solid color cotton cloths while shopping and those blocks attracted me.

I am in a plan of making a tote bag with a touch of embroidery in it and then a spark came into my mind, why not I try this block in needlepoint stitches.  And This is what I came up with.  I used single thread canvas and embroidery threads(all 6 strands).  I really liked the outcome.  Now I am making a band with different half square pattern blocks for the bag.

The center square with orange and red colors has been done with the help of that quilt block.  I have added borders with yellow and green.

Do you want to see those blocks.  See here.  Totally 72 different blocks are there and a finished quilt. 

On my crochet hook now

I have completed all  my embroidery kurti orders.  So now I can concentrate on my mega cross stitch project.  And some projects for christmas is also half done.  Will be back with an embroidery finish.  Bye. 


  1. Needlepoint is very geometric and it is easy to take a patchwork pattern and adopt it for embroidery. Good colour combination, too, which sets off the design well.

  2. good luck! looking forward to see your tote bag. What are those squares for?

  3. Lovely needlepoint square !! Are you going to add any beads or French knots at the centre points ? The red and white squares are beautiful.


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