Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Kutch work again

Hi all
Today i am going to show my latest finish a kutch work kurti. I have done the same design again for my co sister.  

I have used 3 strands of no.52 anchor thread on silk cotton fabric.  The second image is the embroidery done on the front border. 

I have completed the bargello design on one side of the purse going to be stitched. Now i am continuing with the next side. 

I have also completed some kasuti motifs in my kurti and cushions. Will come up with that in my next post. Till then happy embroidering.


  1. You sure have been busy. Great progress! The hutch work is so orderly in its design and there is a lot of movement in the bargello design for your bag.

  2. Lovely embroidery, Shami! And the Bargello work looks pretty. I have that on my todo list but as you know I just keep saying that for almost everything.. he he.. but can't seem to be doing anything about it .

  3. So pretty! I have seen you mention your co sister before and i'm not sure what this is. How is she related to you?


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