Friday, January 18, 2019

First finish of the year 2019

Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good in this year.  I am also doing ok.  This winter season caused some discomfort in the health and till now the body is feeling lazy to do anything.  But every now and then I am doing something crafty and this new year I have started some new projects although I have so many UFO from last year.

My new projects are a ripple crochet blanket - I am doing one row a day, a cross stitch cushion - doing 2 squares of 4 x 4 stitches each day, then an embroidery sampler 2 stitches for a week and upon completing a particular stitch family I will be creating a design for a cushion or pillow covers out of the stitches tried.  I have started with the straight stitch family.

Apart from these I have a kutch work saree project started last year for my sis in law.  I should complete it before April.  I will be showing that saree in my next post.  Also I am adding some stitches in my harmony cross stitch project now and then.  Planning to complete one more page before the end of Feb.

One of the teacher from my son's school has asked me to crochet a purse. And I have finished it last week and that was the first finish for this year.

Click here to purchase one.

I have tried the pattern from here.  Used Local 4 ply acrylic yarn and 4mm hook.  I had a matching zipper and added the zipper with the lining using sewing machine and a mistake I have done here.  After completing the zipper part the wrong side of the fabric is shown after opening .  But it is looking ok.  So I left it as such.  Overall I am satisfied and happy with the outcome.   I got one more order for the purse but it should have 3 compartments.  I should try it.  It will be a challenge for me.  

So that's all for today.  I will be back with the kutchwork motifs I have done in the saree in my next post.  Till then, happy crocheting.  


  1. Sounds like you are very busy! I like the gradient of colours on the purse, very nice.

  2. Happy New Year Shami !!!! The purse looks lovely :)


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