Thursday, January 31, 2019

Kutch work saree motif

Hi all

Last year I have started to embroider a saree with kutch work motifs.  It was a very slow project and this year I am managing to do atleast one motif per day and I have completed one third of the saree.  It is a simple motif done on a cotton saree.  

A portion of the saree.  Sorry for the wrinkles in the saree.

I have to add beads or stone in the center of the motifs.  Done with two strands of anchor embroidery threads.  Inside kutchwork line done a line of herringbone stitch.  

This year  I have joined an online aari embroidery course thru whatsapp.   It is going on well and  I will be back with the stitches what I have done so far.  

Thats all for now.  Do watch this space.  Have a happy time with needle n thread.  


  1. I can see that this takes time, but oh, the result is so beautiful. Kutch and Herringbone look really good together.

  2. Beautiful work Shami..... looks great.


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