Monday, 6 February 2012

Crochet Basics -Links

Interested in crochet(doing variety of items using wollen yarn and needle).

To do crochet you need wollen yarn(different types available, crochet needle(different sizes available) and a pattern.

To begin any crochet pattern you need to know the following stitches.  I am not able to prepare tutorials, so i am giving u the links

Foundaion chain crochet
single crochet(sc)
double crochet(dc)
half double crochet(hdc)
triple crochet(trc)

once u learn all these crochet stitches u can do wonders with crochet needle and thread.  Neat illustrations and videos are given in the following links.  Please go thru

Also in u can find lots and lots of patterns from beginners to advanced.
The following link will also be useful for the beginners. 

Like embridery There are lots and lots of stitches in crochet.  All the stitches will be based on the stitches mentioned above.  I will also to giving some simple patterns to work in my coming posts.  Please let me know and if u have any doubts feel free to ask me thru comments.

Happy crocheting.

Shami Immanuel


  1. Thank u soooo much Shami.....

  2. really useful links, many thanks Shami..
    ll start crocheting soon...


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