Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TAST 2012-Week6, Chevron stitch

The stitch challenge for this week is Chevron stitch.  I planned to make neck designs incorporating the given stitches so that myself or somebody else can use it for their projects. So, I have embroidered a motif first and the neck line.  If it is stitched in straight line it becomes the border.  Here goes the trial.  Looking  forward for suggestions.

Now comes the neck part

Here, I have stitched two semi circles using chevron stitch.
Then I started whipping aroung the upper part of the first line and lower part of second line. 
while whipping I have attatched a cut bead in the place where it is left blank(in between two stitches).
Lazy daisy flowers are stitched in the middle part.


I would like to hear from you as it boosts me up a lot.