Thursday, 23 February 2012

TAST-2012, Week8 - Chain Stitch

I have embroider this flower using chain stitch as filling.  It looks very nice.  Then I've added beads using the chain stitch for the outline.  I have used the same color bead it was not shown properly.  But in real it looks pretty.  What can I do with this piece of doodle cloth?  Any ideas?.

Now the beaded part.  For adding a line of beads in your dress the simple way if to use chain stitch.  Before doing a chain stitch just add a bead to the needle and continue with the chain stitch.  In this way the beads will be placed at regular intervals in a line or a curve.

From the day one I started embroidery, I wanted to embroider a  verse.  That dream came true yesterday.  I have used chain stitch as it is the challenge for this week's TAST.  The curly lines in the bottom and top used chain stitch and the letters in whipped back stitch.  How is it?  I am planning to add some flowers on both sides or on top and bottom.  I will show the final piece within this week.

I have done a neck design using chain stitch an year back.  Have a look of that here.

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  1. Congratulation on you wonderful stitching. Love the beading. Kathleen


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