Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TAST 2012- Week9, Couching

Whenever I come across the tutorials or pictures based on couching I would think that we should give try, becoz it seems to be a simple technique but produces beautiful effects on lines and curves.  But only after sharon gave this stitch as this weeks challenge it came into reality.  For my trial I have drawn a simple curve free form.  But after finish drawing I have seen the curve is in the shape of letter S.  That is the beginnig letter of my name.  So I thought I will stitch this turn that cloth into a simple coaster.  Here goes my trial.   

I have used 6 strands for both the laid thread and the fastening thread.  Happy to see the outcome.

I have added five straight lines and those lines were also couched. Here comes the coaster.

The seams are sewed through buttonhole stitch and near the buttonhole edge a square of whipped chain  stitch is made.

Now Couching in round

I have learned the couching technique from www.stitchschool.com

Shami Immanuel.


  1. looks good..
    just vist my blog an award is waiting u there http://threadwithme.blogspot.in/

  2. Itz a great pleasure having friends like u who shares same taste and interests. My TAST trials r on a halt now, last few weeks was sick week for us, now getting everything on track, so much excited for the SAL with Anita, always a pleasure learning something new...:-)


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