Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Plastic Canvas Photo Frame - Tutorial

Atlast my first tutorial has been posted.  If any of you try my tutorials and posted any of the craft items with the help of this please give me a comment here.  Hope all of u will find my tutorials useful.

Materials Needed:
     Plastic Canvas
     Woollen yarn
     Crochet needle

        Cut 2 pieces of  plastic canvas according to the size of the photo to be framed.

         Keep 1 piece aside. In the another piece leave 3x3 holes for the border and cut the inside part as shown in the picture.

Now with woolen yarn and crochet needle single crochet around the edges with the two pieces together for three sides and only on the upper piece on the fourth side(This side should be the top of the frame.Thru this side we insert the photo).   

      Now the second round.
      Make 3hdc(half double crochet) in first sc(single crochet).
      Sl st(Slip stitch) in next sc.
      *3hdc in next sc
      Sl st in next sc *
       Repeat frpm * to * around.
       At the end put a knot leaving a tail and push the tail inside the stitches thru the back side.

Now your frame is ready.
Insert the photo from the top opening.
Use double sided tape to fix the photo on the wall.

Happy Crafting.
Shami Immanuel.

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