Monday, February 4, 2013

Crocheted Flower

I love to crochet.  Here is a flower for which I have found the pattern here.  Tried it in a single color and I have a big flower now.  How is it?  Planning to do two more and make it is as a wall hanging.  Any suggestions.  what can I do with it?



  1. It has turned out nicely Shami! You can make other of different colors and can also stich it on a cushion cover. To add more gimmicks, you can embroider similar design of smaller size near this flower on the cushion. You already have good embroidery skills:)

  2. Super cool!
    I recently learnt to crochet from my MIL. I am a beginner and have tough time 'reading' instructions. I'll quickly hop over to what you have shared here. Hope I am able to make something like this some day!

  3. This is very cute... I've never tried crochet.. You've done a fab job!!


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