Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TAST - Herringbone band stitch, Triangular feather stitch

This is my sample for Herringbone band stitch and Triangular feather stitch.  I enjoyed doing both the stitches and happy that I have learned new stitches.  Two more stitches to my stitch dictionary.
At first I didn't get the triangle properly.  Then in the second attempt I can see my feather stitch in triangle.  For the Herringbone band I used yellow color to do the satin stitch.  Then maroon color for herringbone and orange for the lacing.  It looks nice and gives a lacy effect.  If it is done in rows it will be more beautiful.

This is my picture of all the four stitch of this year's TAST.  I have to start my TAST sampler pillow cover hopefully next week.


  1. This sampler is not only beautiful but also very educational. It is easy to see how different the Triangular Feather looks when the long stitch is on the inside or the outside of the edge of the heart. The Raised Herringbone Band is lovely worked in a curve. Very attractive.

  2. It is great having the stitches next to each other you can really do a comparison. Great.

    1. Thanks Carorose. I am trying to create a picture dictionary of stitches. That's why I am stitching one near to another.

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