Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cross stitch bookmark

A small project in cross stitch.  Thought of making it into a bookmark.  Since the fabric is a 10 count aida fabric I worked with 6 strands so that the fabric is not seen in between the stitches.  The fabric is also very thick and I have to try to make it as a bookmark and see whether it works for a book mark or not.  Other wise it is going to turn into a cover for the fridge handle. 
The design is taken from Dhingra's cross stitch book.  If it turns out for the fridge then I make one more with two flowers and leaves for the top portion of the fridge.  Waiting for your feedbacks. 
Now the close up of the design.
I wanted to purchase 14 count aida fabric or 16 count to do cross stitch.  It is not available at my place.  can any one tell whether it is available in Bangalore and in which shop it is available.  If I get the cloth I can make do the cross stitch with 2 strands and the design will also be delicate to see.  Thanks in advance.


  1. hi Shami
    its beautiful
    try aida at pony needles or madura coats bangalore

  2. I had done the same design on sofa back covers 11 years back:)
    I get my 14 count aida from http://www.ponycraftstore.com/

  3. This will be a lovely bookmark! If you put a fabric behind it and couch some knitting yarn at the edge it will not be diffecult to turn it into a bookmark. But you can also put a piece of cardboard at the back and do the same. I have a tutorial for that on my blog:

  4. Beautiful and neat work dear.
    Thanks for entering to my blog.
    I found difficult in getting the aida cloth you had mention. If found sure i will let you know.

  5. Where do you get the material from? Specially the threads?? because usually they are available in a pack..

    1. I got this from a local textile shop long back, the threads are normal embroidery threads.


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