Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kasuti Embroidery Motif

This is a Kasuti motif which I have embroidered in a cotton saree.  The saree is having a border in both the sides and I have planned to do kasuti motifs for the pallu and the body.  Till now I have done 4 motifs like this and more than 25 small motifs in the pallu.  Still more to go and I will post the picture of the saree once it is done. 
I have used 2 strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread and 2 strands of silver color silk thread for the motif. 
Sorry for the picture quality since it is taken using mobile camera.
I will be happy if u pass on your comments about this.


  1. beautiful,waiting to see it completed

  2. It's a beautiful motif, it looks like coloured blackwork.

  3. Nice motif! :)
    Shami, it seems yours is a no-reply blog. I guess you haven't been receiving my replies until now. I have been replying to all comments n queries.

  4. Hi Shami,
    I came to your blog via artisticfingers by Anita. :-)
    Love your embroidery things & especial the the Kasuti.
    Though I have seen tutorials for Kasuti, never tried it out.
    Now After seeing Anita & Yours , I so wish to try Kasuti.
    I went thru most of your posts. Lovely blog & great job in embriodery.

  5. HI Shami

    do you more deisgns of kauthi and Kutch work as I am in Newyork and have none here. please let me know as when Iw as in India Bangalore I have done this course and would like to start once again.

    thanks sudha

  6. Thanks to all.
    @Sudha. You can get more designs through the net. If I saw a worked piece I try to draw the pattern in a graph sheet and then I will work on that. You can get some patterns in www.embroidery.rocksea.org. Try googling for kutch work. You will get lot of patterns.

  7. I saw your boarder which you did for a fridge holder and I am using that on my sleeve note book , will upload the photo once I am done . so far what ever you have done is great work. thanks

  8. Hi Shami

    I saw your boarder which you did for the fridge and I am using the same on my note book sleeve. So Far what ever you have is great. I really appreciate it. thanks sudha


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