Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crocheted white doily

While going through so many blogs I saw big round doilies.  I was wondering with simple single, double crochet and slip stitches how come these patterns are giving shape to form a doily. And after that I tried making doilies.  Tried small patterns which can be completed within 15 to 20 rounds and the outcome is very very beautiful.  Till now I didn't have any round shaped furniture to display. Will make a big one and try to ask my hubby a round furniture. 
 The third doily in my series is this white doily.  I have taken the snap by displaying it in my dining table which had black glass and it shows off the pattern well.  I have kept it there for a day.   The next day my younger one who is 3 years old asked me the doily when he was in the table for the breakfast to keep his plate on the doily.  He said it is beautiful(in his own words- alaga irunthichilla athu than keten).  So happy to get a recognition from my little genius.  With that happy mood I am showing it for you.  Waiting for your feedbacks.

You can see my Ribbon Rose Doily here.

My another pink color doily is here.

Happy Crocheting.



  1. hi shammi
    the doily is beautiful

  2. so pretty! I think I made one the same, or very similar, though I used crochet thread. Do you use ordinary yarn?

  3. This is a very pretty pattern. The pineapple shape is on of my favourites, just finished a tiny one.

  4. Wow, doily is so beautiful...All this is done through crochet... I have a lace with this pineapple shape and have been wondering since ages how this is done. Do you know of any tutorial for this?

  5. Hi,Shamia,the white color doily is looking very beautiful on black glass.pineapple pattern is looking very artistic

  6. Pretty One. I love the way ur sons said :-)


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