Friday, February 8, 2013

Kutch work - Trials

I was really fascinated by the beauty of kutch work.  While googling I came across the wonderful tutorials of Bhavani here.  Learned the basics from her blog.  It took some trial and error for understanding the basics of over and under in kutch concept.  Atlast I succeeded and came up with the following samples.  The first design is from Bhavani's blog and next one is from one of the border designs which I have downloaded from the net long back not knowing that design is intended for kutch work.  Now I have worked on that design too.  Have a look and let me know about my samples thru the comments section.
Thanks a lot to Bhavani for such a great tutorial which she has given with a lot of effort for the kutch work embroiderers.


  1. Thanks bhavani for your immediate response. Very encouraging to me.

  2. It looks lovely, but it's hard to see the detail. Perhaps next time you could take some close up shots, I'd love to see more of your work!

  3. Wow... I am still dealing with my crochet-craze and a visit here make me want to do embroidery now! Very neat work by you.



  4. Thanks Tanya and Wendy. I was inspired to do embroidery after seeing some blogs.

  5. Thanks for you comment on my blog. Love your kutchwork, the link is new to me. I tried some kutchwork here:

    1. Thanks annet. Your work on gingham cloth is nice.

  6. wonderful works Shami....very perfect and neat.


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