Friday, October 18, 2013

Crochet collar

Some time back I have purchased Anchor crochet cotton thread of size 20 and 40.  But I didn't have a hook to use with that size of thread.  Last week I have purchase crochet steel hook of size 1.50mm and 1.75mm from pony craft stores.  First have a look at the threads and hooks.

I have planned a small project with that thread and yarn.  After searching for patterns I have come up with a crochet collar.  The pattern is from here.  I find it a bit difficult with the steel hook to crochet.   Now have a look at the collar.

I am planning to attach this collar in a frock which I am going to make with the dotted fabric in the background.  I will come up with the frock in my next post. So do watch my space.

Happy Crocheting.


  1. This is really good..... in vice versa i bought all needles but no anchor cotton thread... :)

  2. Nice collar!! I have recently made one with cream and pink but with anchor knitting cotton. Size 20 is fine to work with, I make doilies with it. But size 40 is very thin, I have made few mini doilies with it but I don't have patience for this thread...did you like size 40?

  3. Such a nice design for a collar. It will look charming on the dress.
    Don't you find it hard to work for a long time with a thin hook? When I used to crochet, a long time ago, I often got muscle pain in the palm of my hand until I found a hook with a wooden handle.

  4. Cute collar.. would look so good on that fabric!

  5. The collar really match the polka dot fabric.Great work!

  6. Lovely collar.You'll get used to steel hook after a while.


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