Thursday, October 24, 2013

A line frock

After buying a sewing machine I wanted to sew wearables.  After sewing the circle skirt I got interest in sewing frocks also.  I have chosen A line frock and got the pattern from here.  Very easy to cut and sew. Instead of the fabric collar I have used the crocheted collar and I have left the pocket part.   And I succeeded in doing it.  I have sewed the collar which I have crocheted.  You can see the details regarding the collar here.

A close up.
This frock fits my niece and I am so happy about it.  Next I am going to try my hands on sewing a blouse.  I am trying to prepare the pattern.  Let me see how it works out.  In my next post I will come with a patchwork table cloth.  So please do visit my space.



  1. nice try... keep going... i liked the frock very much....

  2. Nice frock!! Good going !! Did you try embroidery with sewing machine?

  3. Great frock and the collar fits perfectly. I wish I were your lucky niece!

  4. very nice..... u hav a baby princess to model this beautiful frock?

  5. The frock is very pretty! My new sewing machine is just gathering dust. I use it once in a while to alter my kurtis, that's it. I haven't learnt anything apart from sewing a fairly straight line.

  6. Very sorry for my delayed comment. The frock looks very cute. Polka dots and crochet collar, nice combination. Very well done. I am happy to see my pattern in action.


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