Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kamal Kadai Flower

Long back I started to embroider a saree  and finished the three borders.  Now I am working on the pallu and the body part.  I used Kamal Kadai work for the flowers.  This is the design I have worked on the pallu part.  Center of the flower has to be embellished with sequins or beads.  I have a post regarding the border design here.

Since it is a plain chiffon saree the body part was very plain. So I decided to add sequins at regular intervals.  Then also it was not up to the mark.  Then I have made fly stitches around the sequin and it has taken the shape of a star and I am doing that star shape flower with sequin all over the body and that flower is here:

I am happy about the star shape and what about u?  I am planning to complete the saree within a week and I will be back with the completed saree in my coming post.  Till then, Happy embroidering.


  1. Lovely embroidery!! The star idea is great!!

  2. The Fly stitch is perfect to show off the sequins. You are so industrious adding these details. The Kamal Kadai flower is so beautiful.

  3. You make beautiful stitching - and your Sari will be beautiful - and thanks for commenting ion my blog - the star embellishment is so nice.

  4. I like the Kamal Kadai flower very much. My grandmother had some similar stitching on a project left to me. You have a lot of ambition adding the stars and sequins, but I'm sure it will be well worth the work. I look forward to seeing the completed Sari.

  5. Beautiful you have chosen well, looking forward to your sari


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