Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kasuti sampler update 2

Hello all,

Hope all of u r enjoying weekends. In India it's festival time (pooja and dussehra).  Though we don't celebrate these festivals, we enjoy our holidays.  This time it's a six days holidays for kids and they are enjoying a lot.  Festival wishes to those who celebrate these festivals especially my blogger friends.  

Some time back I have blogged about the start of a kasuti sampler.  I have added two more motifs and a border to it.  All the designs are from KARNATAKA KASUTHI DESIGN BOOK IN COLOR (VOL-1) from mridulas .  Have a look at these .  Each motif has been repeated 6 times.

This is a motif from the kasuti embroidery kurti which I am working now.  

Along with the embroidery kurti I am doing some crochet samples which I would like to take up into a project.  Some granny squares are also whipped up as a part of a big project.  Will come up with that in my next post.  Till then, happy embroidering.


  1. Hi Shami, Really love your embroidery works... especially the kutchi embroidery. Actually I have been brought up and spend my childhood in Kutch. But I never had the opportunity to learn this embroidery. Though I love it. Its there in my wish list to learn.

  2. The embroidery work looks so neat and lovely!

  3. Beautiful designs! I guess it is easier to work the kasuti on Aida than on the plain fabric without a clear grid to follow, so the work on the kurti is impressive.

  4. Lovely design. I love Kasuti work, but it needs lot of patience and time.
    Waiting to see your granny sqaures


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