Monday, October 24, 2016

Crochet squares - First set

Hai dear friends,

Thanks for your lovely comments in my previous.  During last month when I crochet some purses for the sale in my church I had 5 FO in a week and I from that time onwards I was feeling crochet as my comfort zone.  But I always wanted to do embroidery than crochet.  I had some embroidery projects on my hand and when I get bored I switched over to crochet.  

Last month we bought a sofa.  It was beige color and the seat of the sofa needs a cover.  Other wise it will become shabby soon, coz both of my kids being naughty boys.  They used to jump over it and sometimes I will go crazy When I see them doing such things.  Also we cannot stop the kids from doing such naughty things coz as parents we can only be happy, if they are active doing such things,  If they sit in one place for  more than 10 mins or if they lie down on the sofa I will be keep on asking what happened to you? So me and DH allows them to do such things at home to a certain limit.

So,coming on to the crochet side, I decided to crochet a cover for my sofa seat.  I wanted to embroider one.  Since it will take a long time I decided to crochet a cover, in an idea to finish it before christmas.  I started with different granny squares which I have bookmarked ages ago and I have finished ten of them.  Here are they.

Links to the patterns
10) Maybelle flower square -

Totally I need 45 to 50  squares(rough calculation).  I thought of alternating these squares with traditional granny square in dark color.  This is for the 3 seater.  I am going to do it as a single piece by joining these squares.  Then for the single seat(I call it as sleeper seat) I am planning to do shell stitch or v stitch.  

That's all for now.  Will meet you with an embroidery finish in my next post.  Till then, Happy crocheting.


  1. This cover will be eye candy, with all the different patterns to enjoy. A true sampler. Great colours, too. The boys will love jumping on Granny!

  2. All of them looks great. Waiting to see the entire picture soon:)

  3. Lovely squares!! I wasn't able to see the images on any blogs for the past two days.

  4. lovely squares..are you planning to crochet the entire cover with granny squares?

  5. Lovely squares, crochet is my comfort zone now but I love embroidery and cross stitch a lot too

  6. Lovely squares, crochet is my comfort zone now but I love embroidery and cross stitch a lot too

  7. It has been long since i visited your blog...lovely crochet said it right crochet is always comfort zone even though we love to do embroidery cross stitch and other needle crafts..


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