Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Kasuti Finish

Dear friends

Today I am here to show you my latest finish in kasuti embroidery.  It is made for custom order.  My co-sisters colleague gave her a self print material and the pattern for neck.  This is the first time I am making a customized neck pattern and I found it a bit challenging because, the pattern which I had with is a diamond shaped motif. But she wants it in a square shape.  So I drew it again in a graph paper.  The kasuti net which I am having is of larger count and the motif doesn't look good after embroidering it.  So I drew the whole pattern in a graph paper and then transferred it to the fabric with red carbon paper.  After that stitching becomes easy coz I don't want to remember the forward and return passes in the design.

I am not satisfied with this embroidery because the embroidery is not prominent in the printed fabric. But she wants it to be simple as such and she selected the green color.  I was not able to take a decent shot of the embroidery.  These are some better snaps.

This the neck part which extends till waist.

This is a bigger motif in the front border.  I worked three such motifs  for the border.

This is the motif which I have worked for the sleeves and neck.  For sleeves I have worked four such motifs and seven motifs for neck part.

Click on the images for a better view.

Thread used: Anchor no.189
No of strands: 3
Design from : Mridulas design book

Out of 4 order I have completed 3 and I am off to start the fourth one which is again kasuti embroidery project.  Fabric, design and threads everything is ready.  I will be starting it this week.

Also before christmas I am planning to do one kurti for myself. But I am in a great confusion in selecting the design.  Disadvantage of having design books in hand.

Also, a simple cross stitch and a crochet project is also in WIP basket. They are for christmas.  So I will be back with another FO. Till then, have a happy time with needle n thread.


  1. Your embroidery is looking very pretty, Shami!! :) But that background fabric isn't doing justice to your beautiful work.
    You mentioned forward and return passes, seems Kasuti is similar to blackwork technique. Then I can try Kasuti on aida fabric too, can I ?

  2. I agree that printed fabric doesn't let the embroidery stand. However I still like it,its elegant .

  3. Such neat work! It would have looked wonderful on a plain white fabric I guess.

  4. Beautiful embroidery,shami....
    I agree with preeti and mini...on the background fabric.

  5. It is true that the patteren on the fabric 'mutes' the stitches, but I still like the colour combination, and looking at the stitches up close, I am impressed. Good work, Shami!

  6. Wonderful Shami.......... work is very neat.


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