Monday, June 19, 2017

Crochet purses and Mega cross stitch update

Hi friends

I am here with two crochet purses and an update with my mega cross stitch project.  

First the purses.

Stitch used : Primrose stitch
I used 8 ply yarn for this.  This stitch gives a thick dense texture.  So I didn't give any lining to the purse.  

Stitch used : Crossed double stitch
I used local acrylic yarn for this.  I am not happy with the way it turned out.  When I saw the tutorial in the above link I thought there will be small holes after crocheting.  But it leaves somewhat big holes and it needs lining.  I didn't line it coz I am going to keep the threads for the smalls cross stitch projects.

Now onto the update on my mega cross stitch project. It's been months I have given an update on this project.  1/4th of the chart has been completed(9 pages).  Still I have to work on 27 pages.  A long way to go.  Now I am concentrating on this with an aim of 100 stitches a day.  Not more than that.  

AFTER completing the first set of pages.

Hope by the mid of next month I will try to finish the first page of second part.  

For the last two month I didn't stitch the fairies for the smalls SAL.  So not I am catching it now.  Will come back with those fairies in my next post.  

We have a set of four cushions in the sofa.  Planning to do a quilt block cotton fabric sofa cover for those cushions as the cover that came along with those cushions released so much of heat during summer.  So before next summer I should finish those four cushion covers.  Fabrics are ready.  Will come up with those details in a separate post.  

Thanks for watching my space.  Have a happy time with needle, thread and hooks. 

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  1. Both purses are beautiful, although I think a lining is always good. It keeps whatever you carry in the purse safe from falling out, and it is much easier to put things in and take them out.
    I made a mega cross stitch a long time ago and I was tempted to give up many times, but completed it. I hope you will find it easy and enjoyable to keep up the good work.


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