Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Primavera squares - crochet bag - Ta da

Hello all

It's been more than a month I have posted here.  Though I have some finished projects in hand I was feeling lazy to blog.  May be it's a vacation mood coz the kids are at home.  From Thursday onwards they will be back to school and I kicked my mood to be brisk from this Monday. So here I am with my new crochet bag. Ta ta da..........................

Those who are in crochet world will be familiar with the Primavera flower granny squares.  Whenever I see a project made of Primavera squares my hands will be itching to start one.  Atlast during April I started to whip up some Primavera squares with black, green and orange color acrylic yarn.  After making the squares I decided to finish it up into a small bag bcoz I had black color bag handles in my stash.  You can have a rough idea of making up the bag through the pictures.
Joined two rows with three squares in a row.  Joined two rows separately.  I used sc for joining.  Then done a sc around the three sets.  Then joined the three as follows.

For the zipper part I have done sc on both the sides.  Then made a two patches of  7 rows of sc and sewed it near the opening and other side. Then sewed it to the bag using slip st .  It gives a neat finish and I am very well satisfied this time with the zipper.

I have attached a lining to the bag.  Before that I have sewed a zip closure to the lining.  All these I have done it by hand bcoz my sewing machine has gone for repair as it is not stitching properly.

There is enough room to keep things in the bag

One last shot.  I have purchased these handles from Pradhan embroidery stores, Mumbai.  It's very cheap and available in different colors.  It goes well with small bags.

I hope all of u liked my bag.  I am going to keep this bag for sale in the church. Planning to do one more bag like this with a different square pattern  and also a tote bag to keep it in the sale.  It will take time bcoz I have got three custom orders to do embroidery.  I have got some enquires about the custom order.  For them I will contact you thru mail soon.  Also if any of you are interested in getting kasuti, kutch or other embroidered yokes do leave a message in the comments section along with your email.  I will contact you.

Already I have done with one more crocheted bag.  Yet to add the zipper.  Also,  crocheted two purses for my nieces as they will be back to school on Thursday.  Yet to add lining and zippers.  Will come back with my WIP's and a new cross stitch start in my next post. Till then happy crocheting.


  1. It is a charming bag and you have given a lot of attention to details.

  2. Lovely bag!! I also have similar handles, just need to attach a bag to it..he..he. Looking forward to see your multiple finishes.

  3. Wow... that's a lovely bag using primavera squares


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