Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Sunflower embroidery

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good.  When it comes to embroidery design I always have a liking to embroider flowers.  I haven’t tried embroidering a sunflower.  Today I have tried to embroider a sunflower  using simple stitches.  Though it is not perfect in the centre I like it.  There are so many ways to embroider a sunflower.  This is one of the simple way.  Let’s see the embroidery first and then we will look into the details.  

The flower petals are done using straight stitches.  3 stitches are done for a single petal.  Then three layers of French knots.  I would have been better if I have used only read and brown.  I am not satisfied with the beige colour in the centre.

Stem is done using whipped stem stitch and flowers using fly stitch.

Pattern for the design 

1 - fly stitch 
2 - whipped stem stitch 
3 - straight stitch 
4 - French knots

Anchor thread colours

1 & 2 - 262 - 2 strands 
3 - 298 - 3 strands 
4a - 46 - 2 strands- 2 wraps 
4b - 355 - 2 strands- 2 wraps 
4c - 368 - 2 strands- 1wrap

Hope all of you like this post.  Soon I will update this post with the link for the video tutorial.  Also will try to embroider sunflower using other stitches.  Do try this and let me know the outcome.

Happy embroidering.

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