Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Mandala Embroidery - 1

 Hi all,

Hope all are doing well.  Today I am happy to share with you my new attempt of embroidering a mandala with stitches from Straight stitch family.  I started to try all the stitches from basic to advanced. Sarah's website helps me to work the stitches in an order.  Thank you Sarah. Initially I stitched in a straight line.  But then I started to form a design with the stitches and this is the outcome and I am really in love with it.  I worked the stitches in a circle and finally it looks like a mandala after embroidering.  

Mandala Embroidery - 2. Click here.

Here is the mandala.

Few closeups

Pattern for the mandala

The way I have used the stitches can be seen from the pictures below.

I have used three strands of thread throughout.  Used 2 shades of purple, green and yellow.  You can use any color combination you like.

You can finish this into a hoop frame or this is a perfect design for a 16" cushion cover.  I am preparing kits to embroider this design.  I will let you know once I am ready with the kits.  

In my next post I will come up with another embroidery design which is suitable for beginners.  Till then, have a happy time with your needles and thread.

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  1. I am impressed! That is such a beautiful mandala and your stitching is so neat. Amazing! Are you going to frame it? keep well Amanda x


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