Friday, July 1, 2022

Square Boss Stitch - Embroidery Stitch Tutorial

Hi all,

Hope all are doing good.  Today I am happy to share with you a stitch tutorial for Square Boss stitch. The other name for this stitch is Raised knot sitch.    


It is a very simple stitch.  It can be used as light fillings for dresses.  Also it can be stitched in rows as border.  It is an isolated stitch.  This stitch is done with a cross stitch and that cross stitch is covered by back stitch square.  

Let's move on to the tutorial.   For this stitch it is better to use thick thread.  I have used 6 strands of anchor thread.

First start with a cross stitch.  

For the back stitch part, you can use the same colour or you can go for a contrast colour.  Here I am using the same colour.

Make a straight stitch from 1 to 2.

Second stitch should be made from 3 to 1.

Third stitch from 4 to 3.

Fourth and the final stitch should be from 2 to 4.
A square Boss stitch is formed.

In the following picture the square part is done with contrasting colour.  

Hope this tutorial will be useful. See you soon.  Till then, have a nice day. 

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