Monday, July 18, 2022

Raised Cross Stitch flower stitch - Embroidery Stitch tutorial

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good.  Today I am happy to share with you a simple and easy stitch to make a mini rose like flower.  It is raised cross stitch flower stitch.  It is an excellent stitch for beginners to embroider a mini rose.  

Video Tutorial Here 

Let's move on to the tutorial.  I am using six strands of embroidery floss here.  

Start with an upright cross.  

Bring the needle near the centre of the cross in the right hand side.

Pass the needle under the spoke in the right side without picking up the fabric.  The working thread should be under the needle.

Turn the work 90 degrees in clockwise direction and again pass the needle under the right side spoke without picking up the fabric.  

Repeat the above step in clockwise direction until the spokes are covered.   

Anchor the thread under the next whipped stitch.  A cute little flower is formed.

Add a bead or button to the centre of the flower/rose.  

You can add some straight stitches for the leaves and a little spray motif for your dresses is ready.

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