Saturday, September 11, 2021

Ribbon Rose Embroidery

 Hi all 

Hope all are doing well and good.  Last year I have embroidered a kurti using satin ribbon.  I have used woven wheel stitch for embroidering the flowers and lazy daisy for the leaves. Here I have worked a small sample of the flowers and leaves.  

Today I am happy to share with you the tutorial for working the ribbon rose.  

Here is the video tutorial for this design. 

The number of spokes making the flower should be in odd number.  Use a big eyed needle while doing ribbon embroidery.  Work the spokes of the flower using the same embroidery thread with 3 strands colour as of the ribbon colour.  For the flowers I have used 1/2" satin ribbon and for the leaves and stem I have used 1/4" satin ribbon. 

Bring the needle near the centre between any two spokes.  

Now weave in the ribbon up and down the spokes alternatively.  I hope the picture is clear.

Continue till the spokes are completely covered with the ribbon and anchor the ribbon as we do for embroidery threads. 

Working of the leaves using fishbone stitch.

After completing the flowers and the leaves.  Stem is done using back stitch.

Pattern for the design 

Added a pearl bead in the centre of the flowers.  

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  1. Shami: I have tried ribbon work I do not do well, you have beautiful flowers and leaves.


  2. Woven stitches are good for ribbon embroidery as the ribbon does not need to go through the fabric.
    Your design is so pretty.

  3. What a great tutorial. I have many family pieces from Denmark worked with maybe 6 threads into gorgeous roses, and I think maybe this is how it is done! Thanks for the wonderful instructions, Sandi

  4. These are all so beautiful, you make it look easy! Thanks for sharing at Handmade Monday :-)

  5. what Lovely project Shami and love the tutorial.


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